Syllabi for some of my recent courses are available here.


Introduction to the industrial, political, aesthetic, and cultural analysis of American television. Students read a variety of critical, theoretical, and historical essays about television in order to engage a range of issues and debates concerning the industry, programming, and the audience.


Interpreting and Making the Visual Culture of Hollywood examines cinema through attention to changes in social attitudes, cultural tastes, aesthetic strategies, and the industry’s production practices. Students learn basic design and print-making techniques to create their own artwork related to these materials, including movie posters, album covers, and sequential art.


Examination of the media industries, including how they have evolved and now operate, as well as broader theoretical and practical implications of changing media organizations and practices. Includes instruction in researching contemporary and historical modes of media production, distribution, and exhibition.


Examination of the varieties of screen comedy, from silent comedy to contemporary forms, with attention to the theoretical concepts used to understand comedy.